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Welcome to Alpine Hops®!!

Alpine Hops® represents Hop Grower's in Slovenia, Germany and Czech Republic to bring some of the best European Hops to North America and rest of the world. We also supply premium American Hops to rest of the world.

We primarily represent hop-growers co-operatives from beautiful Savinjski Valley of Slovenia and similar hop-grower's associations from Germany and Czech Republic.

Alpine Hops® currently sells following variety of classical Slovene hops: Super Styrian Aurora , Styrian Golding (Celeia) , Hallertauer Magnum , Styrian Savinjski Golding , Styrian Gold , and Styrian Golding B (Bobek) . In addition, six new flavor hops Styrian Cardinal , Styrian Wolf , Styrian Dragon , Styrian Fox , Styrian Eagle , and Styrian Eureka . Alpine Hops® also sells following German Hops - Ariana, Callista, Mandarina Bavaria, Hallertauer Blanc, Huell Melon, Polaris, Mittelfruher, Hersbrucker, Spalter Select, Hallertauer Traditional, Perle, Saphir, Opal, Tettnanger, Hallertauer Magnum, Hercules, Taurus and Czech hops - Saaz, Premiant, Kazbek, and Sladek.  Please refer to their individual pages for composition and quality characteristic for each variety of hops. Please note that due to limited supply, not all hops may be available. It is highly recommended that you pre-order or contract your hops in advance.

Advantages of working directly with us:
  • Consistent quality year after year (subject to annual weather based variations). In fact, you can visit our farms and check out our hops on vine and even pick farms from which your hops will be delivered.
  • Guaranteed delivery of your hops year after year – we can get in contract for up to five years for your hops (again with further flexibility of you being able to pick fields from which your hops are delivered). This provides tremendous stability and future visibility to both our farmers and also to you as a buyer.
  • Direct convenient delivery at your doorstep (scheduled/multiple delivery if necessary). We handle all the import process and paperwork and delivery logistics (currently we have hops stored at our Oakland Cold storage warehouse).
  • Flexibility/visibility for growth/change – based on your future projections and contract we can work with farmers to plant/switch hop varieties based on your future need.
  • Pricing – while pricing is not the main factor compared to above items – due to low overhead and our unique operational model, we are confident we should be able to provide better pricing than anyone.

For more details, free samples or to arrange a meeting, please contact us at 510-708-9777 or email info@alpinehops.com.