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Styrian wolf

Data provided below is from Slovenian Institute for Hop Research and Brewing. More details will be added as they become available.
AROMA Fruity: tropical fruits – passion fruit, mango, banana, melon, pineapple, apricot, current,caramel
Spicy: chili, pepper, parsley, hay
Citrus: lemon, lime, lemon grass, ginger
Floral: lily of the valley, geranium, menthol, melissa
Herbal: anise, thymian
BREWING CHARACTER Tropical fruits, Blueberries, Melon, Raspberries, Elderflower, Violet
Bitter substances* Aroma substances*
Alpha acids 13.5 - 18.5%
Beta acids 5 - 6 %
Cohumulone1 22-23%
Essential Oils 2.2 - 3.6 ml/100g
Total Oil2 3-4.5%
Mycrene3 60-70%
Alpha-Humulene3 5-9%
Beta-Caryophyllene3 2-3%
Farnesene3 4.5-6.5%
1 Cohumulone in % of Alpha acid  2 Total oil in % of dry matter
3 Single components of total oil in relative % of total oil 
* Actual number varies by crop year due to weather patterns and a little by the farm also (based on micro-climate). Contact for specific numbers for a given year/order.
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  Essential Oil Pentagram for Wolf