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Alpine Hops established in USA as a direct distribution channel for Hop Growers in Europe.
Posted: 10/25/2012
We are excited to announce Agricultural Association of Petrovče (Kmetijska Zadruga Petrovče, z.o.o.) from beautiful Savinjski Valley of Slovenia has entered into an agreement with Alpine Hops® of Alamo, CA (USA) to market and distribute hops grown by their farmers to distributors and brewers in United States.

Slovenia is Europe's third largest hops producer (and sixth in the world). Agricultural Association of Petrovče is one of the largest producers of hops in Slovenia. Most Slovene hops are exported to premium breweries in Belgium and Germany. A small amount is also exported to USA. This agreement provides us with an opportunity to introduce some of the most Aromatic hops from Slovenia to brewers in United States.

We look forward to working with you.