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Last Chance to PRE-ORDER for 2014 harvest NOW!!
Posted: 9/21/2014
Please get your order in for 2014 harvest RIGHT NOW! We expect all our hops to be sold out this year as well.

Harvesting of 2014 hops is in full swing. Given the excellent weather we has in 2014, we expect 2014 harvest to be of excellent quality.

We expect 2014 hop cones be ready for shipment in 1 month and pelletizing etc. to be completed in a few days after that. We expect the shipment to arrive in US in Dec. 2014 or Jan. 2015.

One MAJOR change this year is that this year you can get hops only by pre-order. Last year, being our first year of operation, we had ordered a little extra amount of hops with the intension of providing samples and make introductory sales in smaller quantities. These hops were stored in a cold storage in Oakland, CA and shipped from there. This year we are importing purely based on pre-orders (we may still have small additional quantities for samples).

So if you intend to order any of our hops during 2014, it is CRITICAL to get the orders in NOW.

On a pre-order basis, we will be happy to import now and store and ship your hops when needed - but if not pre-ordered, we make no promise to be able to import/sell hops later during the year.


We are happy to report that pricing is similar to last year and will range between $5.99/LB to $6.99/LB depending on quantity for all hops except Savinjski Golding which is $7.49/LB to $8.49/LB (depending on quantity). Please inquire with the variety and quantity required.

Again - get your order in NOW for 2014 Harvest and all your 2015 brewing!.