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BREEDING PROPERTIES A high alpha variety from Huell, which produces good yields. Hallertauer Magnum can be characterized by its high tolerance to diseases. It has extremely big and heavy cones.
YIELD 1700-2100 KG/ha
CONE STRUCTURE Very large, longish size, dark green Aroma strong and intense
BREWING CHARACTER Very high bitter value and a good bitter quality
Bitter substances* Aroma substances*
Alpha acids 10-14 %
Beta acids 4.5-5.5 %
Cohumulone1 22-28 %
Total Oil2 1.9-2.3 %
Mycrene3 30-35 %
Alpha-Humulene3 30-40 %
Beta-Caryophyllene3 8-12 %
Farnesene3  < 1%
1 Cohumulone in % of Alpha acid  2 Total oil in % of dry matter
3 Single components of total oil in relative % of total oil 
* Actual number varies by crop year due to weather patterns and a little by the farm also (based on micro-climate). Contact for specific numbers for a given year/order.