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The following are common questions asked regarding our Hops and logistics of order/delivery/pricing etc. Please let us know by emailing info@alpinehops.com if you have any additional questions.

  • Do you sell spot hops?
    • We have very limited quantity of spot hops available for sale. Once these are sold - we do not intend to sell hops on spot basis. For spot purchases we would then point you to one of our partner distributors.
  • What is your current order/delivery process.
    • The exact process is as follows:
      • First enter your order on our request form.
      • On receipt of the request, we confirm availabiity of hops with our growers.
      • Once availability is confirmed - we will enter in a supply contract with you and grower there by locking in your price and quantity (Please note that this process can take some time to conclude).
      • About a month before each shipment from growers, we will prepare and email you a pro-forma invoice with payment instructions.
      • Hops will be shipped from Europe after payment is received.
      • In case of any variations of quantity shipped (as is case sometimes due to packing variations) - a final invoice will be issued (and refund issued if quantity is lower).
  • How are your prices?
    • Since we work directly with Hop-growers and do not have extra overheads - we expect our prices to be better than others. Depending on variety of hop and quantity ordered, prices could be as low as $5 per LB (i.e., 25000LB+ order on some easily available hops) to as high as $20 per LB (440LB hops order on some high demand hops). Please order from our order form  and we will send you an exact quote/invoice including shipping charges. For large/special orders, or to discuss prices, please feel free to call 510-708-9777 or email us at info@alpinehops.com.
  • Can you do long-term contracts?
    • Yes - we can do up to five years of contract on our hops. Also we prefer long-term contracts to one time orders. Please call us at 510-708-9777 or email us at info@alpinehops.com.
  • Can I order in small quantities?
    • Our minimum order quantity for future orders is 440LB. At this time - we have some limited quantity of Slovene hops available on spot basis for which smallest order we accept is 11lb (5KG). Once these are sold - all future orders will require 440LB minimum order. Please order at our order form. If you need smaller quantity, we may be able to handle it as a special case - please call us at 510-708-9777 or email us at info@alpinehops.com.
  • Why are packing sizes?
    • We typically receive hops packed in 5KG (11lb) bags - 4 bags per carton for a total of 44LB per box from Europe.
    • Some of the packing is in 2KG bag (which is 4.4 LB) - 10 bags per carton.
    • Some of the cartons are also 50KG each (25 2KG bags or 10 5KG bags).
    • Raw hops are typically in bales where each bale contains 60KG of hops
  • How are your hops packed/stored?
    • Our packaging and storage procedure is to ensure that hops remain fresh and retain flavor/aroma for the longest time. The hops are pelletized and packed in nitrogen flushed thick Mylar (reflective aluminum) bags soon after harvest. These bags are stored below 40F temperature. They are shipped to US in refrigerated containers.
  • Do you sell Type 45 Pellets and Hops Extracts?
    • Out preferred product type is Type 90 Pellets or RB60 Raw hops. We will also supply Type 45 pellets and hops extract if the orders are large enough and processing does not add to delays for the entire shipment.